Tijuca National Park

The Gávea Rock viewed from Tijuca Forest

This national park is the largest nature reserve in Brazil located in an urban area. Within it there are some of the most important tourist attractions of the city of Rio de Janeiro, such as the Christ of the Corcovado, the Chinese viewpoint, the Botanical Garden, the Tijuca Forest and the Gávea Rock. For this single-day trip, we will take you to the Tijuca Forest and the Botanical Garden, where you will be able to see a variety of endemic bird species.

Tijuca Forest

Residing only 12 miles from the center of the city, the Tijuca Forest is easily reached by car and has many trails through the Atlantic rain forest, making this one of the best choices for a single day's birding event. Many endemic birds such as the Scaled Antbird, Star-throated Antwren, Eye-ringed Tody-tyrant and Red-necked Tanager can be seen alongside primates such as the Tufted-ear Marmoset and Capuchin Monkey.

Rio de Janeiro's Botanical Garden is a delightful place to watch birds. It was created in 1808 by the king D. João VI and today its 340 acres of woodland contain over 8,000 species of native plants and flowers together with many species of birds.

Some birds:

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